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Meet the Team

Dr. Noel Mueller, BSPH Department of Epidemiology, giving the Microbiome Research Forum, 9/22/15

Hopkins Microbiome Community Leaders

Cynthia Sears, M.D.
Steven Salzberg, Ph.D.
Jennifer Pluznick, Ph.D.

Lab Descriptions

Dr. Sears' Lab

The primary interest of our lab is in understanding ‘if, how and which’ bacteria or bacterial consortia contribute to the pathogenesis of colon cancer. We are secondarily involved in projects involving patients with pediatric and adult inflammatory bowel disease, Clostridium difficile and the impact of the microbiota on the accelerated atherosclerosis observed in individuals with HIV infection. We are planning the initiation of projects to examine the impact of the microbiome on other cancers and their therapy.

Dr. Salzberg's Lab

We are a computational biology lab that develops novel methods for analysis of DNA and RNA sequences. Our research includes software for aligning and assembling RNA-seq data, whole-genome assembly, and microbiome analysis. We work closely with biomedical scientists to apply these methods to current problems arising in a broad spectrum of biological and medical research areas. We’re also part of the Center for Computational Biology, a group of 20+ faculty members and their labs at Johns Hopkins working on computational, statistical, and mathematical methods that can turn massive genomic data sets into biologically and clinically useful information.

Dr. Pluznick's Lab

Our lab is interested in the role of novel 'sensory receptors' in the kidney and cardiovascular system.  Two of the receptors we study are involved in blood pressure regulation, and are receptors for gut microbial metabolites (namely, short chain fatty acids, or SCFAs).  Thus, we have become focused on how interactions between gut microbial metabolites (SCFAs) and host receptors (Gpr41 and Olfr78) can influence blood pressure regulation.

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