Johns Hopkins Germ-free Mouse Core Facility is the unique core service to supply germ-free mice for an investigator to study microbiome impact in a variety of fields. The facility is located on the 3rd floor of the Bloomberg School of Public Health and covers about 1400 square feet area. Currently, the core produces 4 strains of mice -- C57BL/6, Rag 1-/-, Min Apc and IL-22 KO and certain technical services, as gavage, injection, fecal pellet collection, etc. Cesarean rederivation to develop germ-free mice is available upon request. Two major types of germ-free experimental set-ups are available: bubble isolators, best suited for longer experiments (>2 weeks) and isocages, individual germ-free cages housing 5 mice each, best suited for short term experiments (< 2 weeks) and those with multiple testing conditions. Consultation on experimental design is available. Cynthia Sears, MD is the director of the core facility. The Core has veterinary care available as needed. 


Cynthia Sears

Tel: 410-614-8378
Lab: 410-955-9686


Elizabeth Alexander

Tel: 410-614-4225


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